A few more hours to go...

I know that you hear it every election cycle, but this truly is the most important election of our generation.  The next president of the United States could appoint up to three, maybe even four, Supreme Court Justices over the next 4-8 years.  I don't know about you, but I don't want that president to be Hillary Clinton who will use her position to shift the Supreme Court so far to the left that we may never be able to recover from it.

The issues we care about will be decided by the Supreme Court.  If you care about the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, and the free market, we can't afford to take anything for granted today.  We have to turn out and vote our principles to ensure that these core American values are not decimated by nine, unelected lawyers sitting on the Supreme Court.

But there's more to this election than just that.  We need to protect our majority in Congress and send folks like Scott Taylor, Marty Williams, Mike Wade, Tom Garrett, and Charles Hernick to Washington.  We must reelect Rob Wittman, Bob Goodlatte, Dave Brat, Morgan Griffith, and Barbara Comstock if we want to continue to have conservative representation in DC.

I've spent the last few months traveling the Commonwealth and joining these folks on the campaign trail to discuss the critical issues facing Virginia.  I'm confident that with their leadership in Washington, Virginia can lead the way going forward and be at the forefront of advancing the conservative issues that you and I care deeply about.
Lastly, I hope you will join me in supporting Constitutional Amendment No. 1 and enshrining Right to Work in Virginia's Constitution.  Right to Work is critical to growing our economy and no Virginian should be forced to pay union dues as a condition of their employment.

I urge you in these final hours to call your friends, talk to your neighbors, and gather as many Republicans as you can and get to the polls by 7:00 p.m. Together, we can defeat Hillary Clinton, protect our majority in Congress, and ensure the Supreme doesn't further erode our constitutional rights.