Burdensome Regulations Hurt Virginia

In 2007, Virginia was ranked first by CNBC’s state-by-state business rankings. Again, Virginia was first in 2009 and 2011. Now we’ve slipped to 13th in CNBC’s 2016 rankings as they note our remarkably slow economic growth of 1.4% of GDP as a contributing factor.

Why are we experiencing slow growth and a dramatic slide in our standing as a top state in which to do business? While disappointing, a big part of the answer is obvious – regulations emanating from Washington D.C. and Mark Herring’s unwillingness to fight back against them.
Fifteen state attorneys general recently joined a coalition to push back against unnecessary regulations coming out of Washington.  They note how executive agencies have repeatedly avoided Notice and Consent periods through the use of guidance documents.  This end run often allows costly regulations to be put in place without proper consideration of their effect on businesses and without statutory authority. 
The role of a state attorney general in protecting businesses from unfair and unpredictable federal overreach cannot be overstated. A state attorney general that aggressively takes on the federal government and protects his state’s employers can help protect businesses and drive faster economic growth across the state. The unique ability of faster economic growth to expand opportunity and improve lives cannot be downplayed or ignored.
Mark Herring has proven he won’t stand up to Washington and protect Virginia’s economy. As your attorney general, I will protect our businesses from unfair and unpredictable rule making from bureaucrats in Washington.  I’m the only candidate in this race who has experience defending businesses in federal courts, and as Virginia’s next attorney general, I will aggressively protect Virginia's economy from federal government overreach.