While I’ve discussed this topic with you before, I need to share with you just how stark the difference is between a state Attorney General who does his job and defends the rights of his fellow citizens and one who remains silent when we need him to stand up and defend the autonomy of our local schools.

After President Obama’s most recent egregious federal overreach—this time through threats from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education—Mark Herring didn’t fight back. He stayed silent, refusing to stand up for the rights of Virginians who want to see control of our schools remain at the local level instead of placing it in the hands of federal bureaucrats far removed from the challenges facing our local school districts. 

On the contrary, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is standing up for the citizens he's tasked to represent. Claiming the latest action "represents the most egregious administrative overreach to date," Pruitt said the Obama Administration “subverted the democratic process entirely and cast local control aside.” I agree completely, and as your next Attorney General I assure you that I will fight for the safety of our students and stand up to the edicts coming from Washington.

Time and time again, Mark Herring has proven that he won't fight for Virginia unless it serves his political agenda.  When it comes to suppressing free speech and threatening to fine climate change skeptics, he's there standing up beside Al Gore hand-in-hand.  When it comes to ignoring Virginia's right-to-work law and joining with other liberal Attorneys General in support of mandatory union dues, you can count on him to speak up!  Or when it comes to attacking law-abiding Virginians' constitutional right to carry a firearm, you can bet he's going to hold a press conference and claim he's just trying to keep you safe (when in fact we know he's doing the exact opposite).  

But when it's time to finally take a stand and tell Barack Obama that enough is enough, where is Mark Herring? He's nowhere to be found.  I want to change that. As Attorney General, I'll stand up to the White House and the Justice Department rather than being a rubber stamp for their out-of-touch agenda.

With your help and support, we can get rid of Mark Herring and replace him! We need an Attorney General that’s as frustrated as you are about the constant intrusion of the federal government into matters that should be decided in Virginia by Virginians.  I hope you'll stand with me in this fight.