Defend the 2nd Amendment!

Tomorrow, Virginia’s General Services Administration will hold hearings on Governor McAuliffe’s executive order to limit the rights of concealed carry permit holders in Virginia. By banning concealed carry in Virginia's executive offices, Governor McAuliffe will have stripped the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families. 

Governor McAuliffe and his ally, Attorney General Mark Herring, will stop at nothing to please gun control fanatics. We saw this late last year when Herring revoked reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders in 25 states and we're seeing it now with McAuliffe's attempt to make us less safe in executive office buildings. 

As your Attorney General, I will vigorously defend your 2nd Amendment rights from progressive ideologues like Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffe, and Mark Herring!

The hearing is tomorrowAugust 31st, at 10 AM in in the auditorium of the Pocahontas Building located at 900 E. Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.  If you cannot attend in person, please take the time to submit written comments here.  

It is disappointing that in the course of regular business, just before the Labor Day holiday, our liberal Governor and Attorney General are trying to limit concealed carry.  As informed citizens we must do all we can to stop this attack on the 2nd Amendment and preserve the right of all law-abiding Virginians to protect themselves and their loved ones. To learn more about this important issue, click here.

I own guns for both protection and sport, and I know that history has shown our right to keep and bear arms is critical to preserve and protect liberty. As Attorney General, I will always defend this right and fight any and all attempts to chip away at this important freedom.