Delegate Ben Cline Endorses John Adams

The John Adams campaign is excited to announce the endorsement of Delegate Ben Cline. While serving in the House of Delegates, Delegate Cline has been a champion of conservative causes, working hard to protect our constitutional rights and uphold the rule of law. In his endorsement, Delegate Cline wrote: 

"For the last three years, Virginians have had to contend with Mark Herring ignoring his commitment to the people of Virginia, substituting his own political agenda in place of doing his actual job. The liberal establishment in Richmond must be stopped, and with Mark Herring running for reelection in 2017 we need a Republican nominee for Attorney General who has the background and experience to run a strong, competitive campaign.  Since he announced earlier this year, John Adams has proved he's capable of taking our conservative message to every corner of the Commonwealth and standing strong on the principles and values that you and I share.

John Adams will restore dignity to the office of Attorney General, because he truly understands that the role of the Attorney General is to vigorously defend the U.S. Constitution, the Virginia Constitution, and the laws that are passed by the General Assembly.  Mark Herring has failed at this simple task.  With John's background as a veteran, former Supreme Court Clerk to Clarence Thomas, federal prosecutor, and successful manager of over 60 attorneys in one of the nation's largest law firms, I have no doubt that John will step in on day one and get the job done.  I am proud to endorse John Adams for Attorney General, and I look forward to helping him defeat Mark Herring next November."
John Adams had this to say about Delegate Cline's support: "It's an honor to have the endorsement of Delegate Ben Cline, a friend and fellow conservative who understands how imperative it is that we take back the Commonwealth in 2017. As the co-chair of the Conservative Caucus in the general assembly, Delegate Cline has been relentless in his efforts to make sure Virginia is upholding the constitution and fighting back against government overreach both at the state and federal level. It is especially meaningful to me to have the support of the Delegate from the 24th District, which represents the Virginia Military Institute. I look forward to an exciting year ahead working with Ben to make sure we stop Mark Herring in 2017."

Momentum is continuing to build for the Adams campaign, as Delegate Cline joins a growing list of conservative leaders from across Virginia who have endorsed John in his bid for Attorney General in 2017.