Delegate Nick Freitas Endorses John Adams

Earlier today, Delegate Nick Freitas endorsed John Adams for Attorney General.  As an 11-year Army veteran, Delegate Freitas has dedicated his life to defending American values.  Now in the General Assembly, he is one of Virginia's leading advocates for limited government and has fought to expand economic liberty, fiscal responsibility, and educational freedom.  In his endorsement, Delegate Freitas, stated:

"We have an opportunity in Virginia to elect an Attorney General who has made it his life's work to defend our Constitution and equality before the law. It is time for us to reject the rampant politicization of the Attorney General's office by Mark Herring and to once again embrace a philosophy rooted in the concept that government's primary responsibility is to protect our liberty, not to engage in elitist social and economic engineering for the benefit of the politically connected at the expense of the people. I fully support John Adams for Attorney General."

John Adams responded to Delegate Freitas' endorsement with the following statement: "I am honored to receive the endorsement of Delegate Nick Freitas, someone who fights vigorously for what he believes in and stands up for the values that I share.  As a fellow veteran, it's always humbling to have the support of men and women who have worn the uniform.  Nick is doing a lot of great work in the General Assembly, and with young leaders like him I am confident that Virginia's future is bright."
Delegate Freitas' endorsement follows the release last week of over 50 Republican leaders across Virginia who came out in support of John's bid for Attorney General.  Another big announcement will be coming soon, as support for the Adams' campaign continues to grow.