First Schools, Now Hospitals

There are 639 Catholic hospitals in America serving 5 million patients per year.  They have a presence in all 50 states, caring for 1 out of every 6 patients that enter a hospital in the United States.  Caring for these patients requires more than half a million full-time staff and nearly another 250,000 part-time staff.  All of this amounts to $109 billion in expenses and a significant effect on the overall economy.  And these numbers only include Catholic hospitals and don't take into account protestant hospitals from the Baptist, Lutheran, and other Christian denominations.

A recent Health and Human Services mandate threatens to shutter these hospitals and put tens of thousands of doctors and nurses out of work unless the men and women of faith who run these hospitals agree to perform sex change surgeries that violate their deeply held religious beliefs.  It states that hospitals must “treat individuals consistent with their gender identity" if they receive HHS money.  

As a recent article in The Federalist points out, "Religious hospitals that receive taxpayer dollars via Medicaid or Medicare will be required to perform sex-change operations or get cut off financially."  Put another way, the Obama Administration is offering two choices: violate your religious beliefs or close.

First it was transgender students and schools—now it's sex changes and hospitals.  There's a trend here: the Obama Administration is using the final few months of their term in the White House to force Americans to adopt their extreme agenda through the administrative state.  Let's call it what it is.  It's coercion.  "Adopt these radical changes or else we'll pull your funding."

That's exactly what it was with the school issue and that's exactly what it is with this new "rule" from HHS.  In fact, they're using the same strategy—threatening to pull Title IX funding if schools and hospitals don't comply with these extreme policies. 

What we need is an Attorney General willing to fight the feds back across the Potomac.  We need an Attorney General who's willing to stand up for the religious liberty of Virginians across the Commonwealth rather than kowtowing to a federal government that is out of touch with the average American. 

That's why I'm running for Attorney General.  I have the experience, background, and fortitude to stand up to the federal government when they exceed their authority.  I will not be silenced because of political correctness.  

It's time to take a stand, and that's exactly what I plan on making this campaign about, because I know that Virginia needs a new lawyer!