John Adams Statement on Mark Herring’s Attack Ad

RICHMOND – John Adams, the Republican nominee for attorney general, issued the following comments today on Mark Herring’s negative television ad.
“It's not even Labor Day and Mark Herring has already gone negative on TV,” said campaign manager Nick Collette. “An attack this early is unprecedented in a race for attorney general and comes even before the first negative ad in the Governor's race. It is obvious that the Herring campaign is panicked.”
“Mark Herring is attacking me for being a good lawyer,” said Adams. “In my professional career I have clerked for the Supreme Court, served as a federal prosecutor, been a lawyer for the President of the United States and defended people in need of help in private practice. I may be running for office for the first time but I know one thing: when the politicians start attacking me, I know I must be doing something right.”
"The irony is remarkable: he is attacking John for representing his clients, while he has abandoned his only client - the Commonwealth of Virginia,” added Collette.  “Herring's attack reiterates what we have all learned in the last four years - he doesn't know what it means to be a lawyer and represent a client.  He has placed his personal political agenda above the law.  Virginians of all political persuasions are tired of it and John Adams will once and for all take the politics out of the Attorney General's Office.”

Finally, in one case where Adams and Herring opposed each other it is worth noting Adams represented an indigent defendant who had been attacked in prison. Adams prevailed, and Herring's Office was subsequently sanctioned in the case for misconduct. So much for only representing the "powerful."  Virginia needs a new lawyer.