Statement On Immigration Executive Order

Earlier today, John Adams released the following statement regarding President Trump's Executive Order on immigration:
"I am running for office for the first time because like many Americans and Virginians I am tired of politicians grandstanding on either side of complicated and important issues. The Constitution affords the president wide latitude on immigration matters precisely because it is a critical and difficult priority to keep America a beacon of freedom, safety, and hope for immigrants all over the world, while at the same time keeping out those who wish to do us harm. That is why previous presidents have insisted that we take the time to properly vet immigrants from troubled areas. 
With the action of the Department of Homeland Security, which ensures permanent legal residents are not subject to the order, it is likely within the President's constitutional authority. When citizens believe their constitutional rights have been infringed, I support their ability to go to court to vindicate their constitutional rights, and I will continue to closely monitor those lawsuits. I will always take every appropriate action when the federal government, regardless of political party, exceeds its constitutional authority.

Having served as a United States Naval Officer and an Associate White House Counsel I know well the threats our country faces, and as your Attorney General I will firmly oppose any discrimination based on religious beliefs, and I will always fight for the security of all Virginians. These ideas are not mutually exclusive."