Justin Fairfax: The Same Type of Attorney as John Adams

RICHMOND – The John Adams for Attorney General campaign today unearthed an old Word Document of a press release from the 2013 Attorney General’s primary between Mark Herring and Justin Fairfax that apparently never went out. It appears in an effort to save time and key strokes, the Herring campaign recycled this press release hitting Fairfax for having the exact same type of practice as John Adams.
“Over the weekend, Mark Herring went on television with a negative ad attacking John Adams for being a good lawyer,” said campaign manager Nick Collette. “What Herring seems to have forgotten is that Justin Fairfax, his ticket mate, is the same type of lawyer as John Adams. So the question is – does Mark Herring think Justin Fairfax shouldn’t be Lieutenant Governor, or just not Attorney General?”
Justin Fairfax: The same type of attorney as John Adams
Fairfax is a white-collar litigation and commercial counsel for Venable in Tysons Corner
  • “Venable of Tysons Corner appointed Justin Fairfax commercial and white-collar litigation counsel.” (The Washington Post, 6/1/15)
  • Team highlights the following as their success:
    • Successfully represented an executive of a large financial institution in a federal criminal proceeding.
    • Successfully represented multiple bank officers in federal criminal and regulatory money laundering investigations.
    • Successfully represented former senior executive of a large financial institution in criminal, civil and Congressional investigations concerning Bank Secrecy Act/ money laundering issues.
    • Representing a large bank in a federal criminal money laundering investigation.
Fairfax has represented criminals charged with defrauding a charity, a student loan company, and a large grocery chain
Fairfax represented Giant in a medical malpractice case
  • Fairfax was one of the attorneys who defended Giant and Giant Pharmacy in a 2016 lawsuit brought by Gary Bricker after he was prescribed the wrong medication by a Giant Pharmacy and ended up in the hospital with blood clots.  (Gary Bricker v. Giant Of Maryland LLC d/b/a Giant and Giant Pharmacy, Circuit Court Of Fairfax, Filed 12/4/15)
He also represented Giant in a personal injury case
  • In 2016, Fairfax represented Giant Food Stores in a civil personal injury case filed in U.S. District Court (Toni v. Giant Food Stores, LLC, U.S. District – Virginia Eastern, Filed 3/10/16)
Fairfax defended Education Loans, Inc. in a false claims act case
  • In 2007, Jon Oberg filed a suit against Nelnet, Inc. and other companies in a federal false claims act case in U.S. District Court. Fairfax defended Education Loans Inc. in the case. (Oberg v. Nelnet, Inc. et al, U.S. District – Virginia Eastern, Filed 9/21/07)
And, he represented a Loudoun County woman who used an education charity to benefit herself and former Rep. Corrine Brown
  • “He's now a litigator with the law firm Venable LLP in Tysons Corner. Among other cases, he currently is representing a Loudoun County woman who is expected to testify in a corruption case in Florida against former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, who is under indictment. Fairfax represents a woman who ran a small charity in Loudoun County. Brown, a Democrat, is alleged to have funneled money to it, then used that money for her personal benefit.” (Richmond Times Dispatch, 3/19/17)