Statement of John Adams on Mark Herring Dodging Hometown Debate

John Adams, the Republican nominee for attorney general, today issued the following statement regarding Mark Herring’s refusal to accept the attorney general’s debate sponsored by Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce:

“For Mark Herring, it is true that you can never go home again. His refusal to confirm a debate in his own backyard of Loudoun County is telling. His record as attorney general is stunning in its rampant partisan activism. Voters deserve to hear directly from each of us about why we are running and what type of attorney general we would be, and I am open to debating in communities across the Commonwealth. A refusal to debate is particularly troubling when, as many newspapers have highlighted, his campaign has been twisting my words to spread untruths about my positions. I encourage Mark to head home for this debate, the same one he participated in when he ran four years ago.”
The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce offered to host a debate for the attorney general candidates in October. Herring has yet to accept, even though he participated in the exact same debate four years ago. In addition, John Adams has accepted a debate request from the Northern Virginia NAACP and is open to participating in debates in regions across the Commonwealth should invitations be extended.