Mark Herring's Opposition of Right to Work Law

RICHMOND – John Adams, Republican nominee for attorney general, issued the following statement today regarding recent attacks on Virginia’s right to work law:

“Just last week, in a race to the left, Tom Perriello called for an end to Virginia’s right to work law and Ralph Northam essentially said he would do the same once he had a Democratic legislature. And maybe nobody believes that Virginia Democrats would abandon a law that for 70 years has guided Virginia’s employees and economy allowing for the freedom to work in Virginia without having to join a union. But Mark Herring is already using his office to actively oppose right to work even if he can’t stop it in Virginia. Herring was one of only two attorneys general from right to work states at the time to sign onto a brief to the Supreme Court calling for collective bargaining rights for employees in California. That’s our activist attorney general attempting to oppose a law that has received overwhelming support in Virginia.”
The brief mentioned above is a 2015 brief that Mark Herring signed onto in the case of Rebecca Friedrichs, et al., v. California Teachers Association, et al., arguing that:
Abood acknowledged that public-sector unionization was controversial as a policy matter and that there was widespread debate and disagreement about the application of private-sector models to public-sector labor relations. 224-25, 229. Partly for that reason, Abood deferred to state judgments about appropriate measures for effective state and local government labor relations.”