Mark Obenshain Endorsement

Over the last few days, a growing number of Republicans from across the Commonwealth have consolidated their support and endorsed my candidacy for Attorney General. Today, I am excited to add another important leader to this growing coalition of conservative leaders.I am honored to have Senator Mark Obenshain, our 2013 Republican nominee for Attorney General, join our team! 

Mark is a principled conservative who understands what it takes to take on the liberal establishment in Richmond.

In his endorsement Senator Obenshain wrote: 

"As the Republican nominee for Attorney General in 2013, I know firsthand the grit and stamina it takes to fight the liberal establishment. In 2017, it is imperative that Republicans nominate a candidate who is both qualified in his experience and prepared to run as our standard-bearer for conservative principles in the race for Attorney General. As a former Supreme Court Clerk for Clarence Thomas, an attorney for President George W. Bush in the White House, and a former federal prosecutor, I am confident that John has the ability to step in on day one and be a successful and effective lawyer for the Commonwealth. That is why I am fully supporting John Adams for Attorney General.

John's unique background and incredible work ethic over the last 10 months of campaigning and gathering the support of grassroots conservatives across the Commonwealth have positioned him to not only run a competitive campaign but to defeat Mark Herring next year. As Attorney General, I am confident that John will protect our constitutional rights, defend the rule of law, and stay true to his conservative principles. John Adams has my full support in his bid to become the next Attorney General of Virginia."


Senator Mark Obenshain's endorsement is a vote of confidence that I greatly appreciate. I look forward to working with him as we turn Virginia red again in 2017.