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John Adams Releases Full VCDL Candidate Survey


Mr. Jim Snyder                                                                                                                                      March 21, 2017

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Dear Mr. Snyder:

Thank you for allowing me to respond to your survey.  After review, it is clear to me that it is primarily intended for a candidate seeking legislative office.  Indeed, virtually every question asks whether I will support or oppose legislation.

I am running for Attorney General precisely because the current holder of the office believes he is a super-legislator and not an attorney serving the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have spent my life defending our Constitution as a Naval Officer and lawyer, and I take serving as an attorney very seriously.  Having never run for office before, I made the decision to run for Attorney General after very serious consideration.  I am not a politician, and I seek a very specific office for which I believe I am qualified.

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One Step Closer

I have some exciting news for you! Earlier today, my campaign cleared the Republican Party of Virginia's "pre-check" process in order to qualify for the 2017 primary ballot. The campaign turned in an impressive 15,573 signatures—far exceeding the minimum requirement. 
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Fmr. white house law clerk: Judge Gorsuch is a brilliant pick

Feb. 01, 2017 - 4:04 - Former White House Associate Counsel John Adams on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.

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Nullifying the Will of the People

Last night, something very troubling happened in America.  The President was forced to relieve Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing her duty to defend the administration's immigration order.  The President had no choice.  While this is an uncomfortable time for many Americans, he did the absolute right thing.  An attorney general who refuses to defend the law threatens the rule of law for everyone - regardless of political persuasion.  

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Statement On Immigration Executive Order

Earlier today, John Adams released the following statement regarding President Trump's Executive Order on immigration:
"I am running for office for the first time because like many Americans and Virginians I am tired of politicians grandstanding on either side of complicated and important issues. The Constitution affords the president wide latitude on immigration matters precisely because it is a critical and difficult priority to keep America a beacon of freedom, safety, and hope for immigrants all over the world, while at the same time keeping out those who wish to do us harm. That is why previous presidents have insisted that we take the time to properly vet immigrants from troubled areas. 
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John Adams' Statement on Backdoor Pay Raises In AG's Office

The news of backdoor pay raises in the Attorney General's office is very troubling, and a lot of questions remain unanswered. I am certain we will learn more in the coming weeks.  Mark Herring has a track record of refusing to defend Virginia's laws because they conflict with his political agenda, costing state taxpayers precious dollars in outside legal fees to defend laws that were later found constitutional.  In the voter ID case alone, $500,000 was used for outside counsel just in the early stages of the lawsuit, simply because Herring didn't agree with a law that it was his duty to defend.

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Record Setting Fundraising Pace

In an hour, fundraising reports are going to be released to the public, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some good news with you beforehand.  I am excited to announce that in the last fundraising period we raised $269,842 bringing our 2016 total to a record-setting $701,804.
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Setting our sights on 2017

We kicked off our campaign on January 27th, having never sought political office before. Since then, it has been a privilege to travel all over our Commonwealth. I have been able to return to some areas I have enjoyed living in the past, such as Virginia Beach where I was stationed in the Navy and Arlington where we lived while I worked at the Supreme Court and White House. And of course we have been to many new places all over this beautiful place we call home.
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Rick Buchanan Endorses John Adams

The Adams campaign is excited to announce the endorsement of Rick Buchanan, Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. Rick is a champion in the conservative movement and an important addition to the growing list of leaders across Virginia who are choosing to support John in his bid for Attorney General. 
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