Tell McAuliffe to Obey the Law!

Just weeks ago the Virginia Supreme Court sided with the Republicans and ruled that Terry McAuliffe did not have the right to give over 200,000 felons their voting rights back without a case-by-case review. Now Terry McAuliffe is at it again, issuing thousands of individual restorations thereby forcing Republicans to return to court to stop him from continuing to violate the court’s order.

The bottom line is, rather than working with the General Assembly and following the law, Terry McAuliffe is dead set on doing everything in his power to restore voting rights to 200,00 felons to help Democrats win in November.

Why else would he be in such a hurry?

Terry McAuliffe needs to work with the General Assembly and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he cannot be allowed to unilaterally determine such an important issue.

Tell Terry McAuliffe to stop putting his loyalty to Hillary Clinton ahead of what’s best for Virginia!


Tell McAuliffe to OBEY THE LAW, NO CLEMENCY FOR FELON VOTERS sign the petition today:




Tell Gov. McAuliffe to Obey the Law!