Rick Boyer Endorses John Adams

This is about beating Mark Herring, and getting a competent, conservative Attorney General again. There are two main reasons I'm supporting John Adams to become Virginia's next Attorney General.

First, he can and will beat Mark Herring. John's record stands in stark contrast to that of Mark Herring's. John has never run for political office and has spent a significant part of his life in public service. From his days as a United States Naval Officer to clerking on the Supreme Court for Justice Clarence Thomas to serving as a federal prosecutor, John has demonstrated that service comes natural to him. We don't need another career politician in the Attorney General's office, and we must nominate someone who can beat Mark Herring.

As Attorney General, Herring has declared war on both our United States Constitution and Virginia's Constitution. By refusing to recognize the Second Amendment rights of concealed carry permit holders from other states, Herring ignored the Second Amendment and made us less safe until his actions were reversed by his own liberal Governor. And by refusing to defend Virginia's marriage amendment in court, Herring directly attacked Virginia's Constitution despite a majority of Virginians supporting it at the ballot box.

This week's travesty of justice—with Hillary Clinton clearly violating federal statutes and getting off scott free once again—illustrates in grim detail the crucial importance of stopping the lawless Clinton/McAuliffe/Herring assault on our constitutional liberties. Virginia cannot afford another four years of Mark Herring's open war against our freedom, and I'm confident that with John's background on the Supreme Court and the pro bono work he's done for the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby that he will be a staunch defender of our constitutional rights.

This leads me to the second reason I am supporting John Adams. He truly understands the job of Attorney General. While some like to call the Attorney General the "top cop," the Attorney General's real role is to be the chief defender of our federal and state constitutions, and be a stop gap between an out-of-control, ever-growing, out-of-touch federal government and the Commonwealth's sovereignty.

As someone who has litigated numerous constitutional cases myself, I want an Attorney General who understands and will defend our constitutional rights. As Mark Herring has demonstrated, the Attorney General's position is no place for someone who puts his own political agenda above defending the laws of Virginia. Likewise, it is no place for on-the-job training. Elected experience and prosecutorial experience is great, but we do not need another career politician as Attorney General; we need a conservative, constitutional lawyer, and that's exactly what John Adams is. As someone who manages a large department with over sixty attorneys in one of the nation's largest law firm, he is the only one who has the experience and proven record to be an effective Attorney General, leading an office of 260 attorneys, on day one.

Like Justice Clarence Thomas, I am confident that John Adams shares his dedication to understanding and defending the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Adams is an experienced constitutional lawyer, with a track record to prove that he will be a tireless defender of our civil liberties, defend the laws of Virginia, and push back against federal government overreach.

If you're tired of career politicians like Mark Herring shredding the very fabric of our liberty, I hope you will join me in supporting John Adams as the next Attorney General of Virginia.