Rick Buchanan Endorses John Adams

The Adams campaign is excited to announce the endorsement of Rick Buchanan, Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. Rick is a champion in the conservative movement and an important addition to the growing list of leaders across Virginia who are choosing to support John in his bid for Attorney General. 

Rick has this to say about his decision to support John:

"Over the last three years, Virginia has been suffering as a result of Mark Herring’s dramatic politicization of the Office of the Attorney General.  As citizens, we govern ourselves by  electing delegates and senators and encouraging them to pass laws that we feel are important to our Commonwealth.  But for three years, these laws have often been ignored, or even attacked, by our own lawyer, Mark Herring. 

In 2017, it is important that the Republican Party run an attorney who actually understands the role of the Attorney General and who will defend the laws that we, the people, enact through our elected leaders. The days of an Attorney General substituting his opinion for the will of the people must end.  Virginia needs a new lawyer, which is why I am proud to endorse John Adams for Attorney General.

Through his experiences serving in the United States Navy, clerking for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as an attorney for the President of the United States, and putting criminals behind bars as a federal prosecutor, John understands how critical it is to uphold government of, by, and for the people. His strong roots as a constitutional conservative who understands the role of government in a republic makes him an ideal nominee to take on an incumbent politician who treats our Attorney General’s Office like a political weapon. 

John also understands that running the Attorney General's office is a serious job. As a leader at a worldwide law firm, John will be prepared on day one to run the office.

John's work ethic and commitment to the grassroots over the last year is a sure sign of the dedication that we can expect from him in his run for office, and I am energized and ready to help him fight to turn Virginia red again in 2017."

John had this to say about the endorsement: "Rick Buchanan is one of the most dedicated conservatives in Virginia politics. He cares deeply about the future of our Commonwealth, and I'm truly honored to have his support. As a tireless fighter for the Rule of Law and limited government that is responsive and accountable to the citizenry, his endorsement is a vote of confidence that I do not take lightly.

In the coming year, I look forward to working with him and the rest of the party to make sure that we respect the will of the people and enforce the rule of law. The role of the Attorney General is to defend the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth,protect the sovereignty of the Commonwealth, and provide legal counsel to Virginia’s government.  Over the past three years, Mark Herring has used the office to further his own political agenda and substitute his views for those of the people. This is unacceptable, and it is the very reason I felt compelled to enter this race, even though I have never sought any elected office before.

Our team is continuing to grow across Virginia and we are looking forward to what the new year will bring. There is serious work to get done in 2017, but we are confident that with consolidated support from our conservative leaders we can take back Virginia in 2017!