Safety and Security

The safety of our communities is a chief concern for all elected officials.  As your Attorney General, I will protect this Commonwealth just as I protected our nation as a naval officer and federal prosecutor.  

I support tough but strategic laws to combat drug dealing, human trafficking, and violent crimes in Virginia.  I believe that stopping violence and drug addiction starts with the successful prosecution of violent criminals and drug dealers.  As a former federal prosecutor here in Virginia, I know how to keep drug dealers and violent criminals off the streets.  

Safety also includes protecting our financial resources and insuring public officials live up to the high standards citizens rightly expect.  I have prosecuted those who illegally profited by stealing from Virginia taxpayers.  For example, I led the investigation and prosecution of a former Virginia Secretary of Finance who embezzled more than $4 million from Virginia’s tobacco settlement fund, thereby diverting precious state resources intended to improve literacy for his own personal gain.

Finally, the Attorney General has the duty to defend the Commonwealth’s criminal convictions on appeal.  As a former U.S. Supreme Court law clerk and practicing appellate attorney, I have the experience necessary to represent the Commonwealth in every court.