John Adams Releases Second TV Ad

RICHMOND – The John Adams for Attorney General campaign today released its second television ad, “Service.” The ad will air in the Norfolk media market and then expand to other markets in Virginia.
“Unlike his opponent, John is not a politician and has never run for political office before,” said campaign manager Nick Collette. “Instead, John has spent a majority of his career in public service, including in the United States Navy where he was stationed in Norfolk. John understands the true meaning of service, and will put the Commonwealth and its laws ahead of a political agenda.”
I’m John Adams. After graduating from VMI, I served in the United States Navy right here in Virginia. I deployed to the Middle East and to Central America to fight drug traffickers. I come from a military family. My brother and my dad are Army, but I don’t hold that against them. I’m running for Attorney General because we need someone who understands the job is about service, not politics. When I’m your Attorney General, politics won’t influence anything I do. I will serve you, and I will enforce the law.