Setting our sights on 2017

We kicked off our campaign on January 27th, having never sought political office before. Since then, it has been a privilege to travel all over our Commonwealth. I have been able to return to some areas I have enjoyed living in the past, such as Virginia Beach where I was stationed in the Navy and Arlington where we lived while I worked at the Supreme Court and White House. And of course we have been to many new places all over this beautiful place we call home.

In addition, we have met many honest, hardworking people that have a deep sense that our government simply does not work for them anymore. And that is exactly why I entered this race. When I saw our Attorney General’s Office being used as a political weapon, I knew I had the background, experience, and fortitude to win the election and restore the Office to its appropriate place.

Lisa, the boys, and I had a wonderful Christmas with our family at home, and I hope you had a restful time with loved ones. We are now setting our sights on 2017, and what a year it is going to be. With our fundraising report for the period ending on December 31st, it is critical that we have a strong report. So I’d like to ask one more favor of you as we close out the year.

Your most generous contribution will ensure that we maintain our momentum
 as we prepare to earn the Republican nomination and then win back the Attorney General’s Office in November. 

Mark Herring’s allies have wasted no time in attacking me, which is why your support before our December 31st midnight deadline is so important. Click here to see what kind of smear tactics they plan to employ against me in the coming year.

But I am not concerned. I believe in the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And they want an Attorney General who understands that the role of the Attorney General is to defend the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth, protect our sovereignty, and provide legal counsel to Virginia’s government. Over the past three years, instead of serving as our lawyer, Mark Herring has used the office to further his political agenda and substitute his views for those of his client—the Commonwealth. This is the very reason I felt compelled to enter this race, but I can’t do it without your continued support.

I ask that you please consider making a contribution before our midnight deadline on December 31st?

In 2016, because of supporters like you, our campaign set a fundraising record and received a great reception from conservatives all across the Commonwealth. I look forward to fighting alongside you in 2017 and turning Virginia red next November!
Happy New Year,