Support From Our Prosecutors

I am honored to receive the endorsements of Vince Donoghue, the Essex County Commonwealth's Attorney, and Tim Martin, the Augusta County Commonwealth's Attorney.  Our Commonwealth's Attorneys across Virginia are the true "Chief Law Enforcement Officers," as they are tasked with prosecuting all manners of crime and ensuring that our communities are safe.  

Vince Donoghue, first elected in 2011 and reelected to a second term last year, previously served as a lead prosecutor on Richmond’s Drug Team, tasked with prosecuting all of the City’s narcotics distribution cases. In his endorsement, Vince stated:

"I support John Adams for the Republican nomination for Attorney General of Virginia.  Since I was a young prosecutor in Richmond and John was working in the U.S. Attorney's office many years ago, I have greatly admired his work ethic and professionalism.  John is uniquely qualified to serve as our next Attorney General.  From clerking for Justice Clarence Thomas at the United States Supreme Court, fighting crime at the highest levels at the U.S. Attorney's office, and running a large division for a major law firm, John has the right experience to take back the Attorney General's Office.  

The Attorney General is sworn to uphold the Constitution and defend our laws, not to advance a political agenda.  John has fought the good fight to protect the rule of law and will continue to do so as our next Attorney General.  Our Commonwealth needs an experienced, conservative attorney who fights for the rule of law and isn't afraid to take the federal government to court when they encroach on the sovereignty of Virginia.  I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse John Adams to be Virginia's next Attorney General."

Before his election in 2015, Tim Martin, who recently unseated a long term incumbent in Augusta County, prosecuted approximately 23 homicides and served as head of the Arson Unit in the Richmond Prosecutor’s Office.  He states:

"As the Commonwealth's Attorney for Augusta County, I recognize the importance of electing a principled Attorney General who will aggressively defend Virginia's laws.  John's background as a Supreme Court Clerk and a skilled litigator proves that he has the experience to defend Virginia in court against a federal government that is increasingly out of touch with the average American.  As a former federal prosecutor, John also has the experience to address the growing problem of heroin and opioid addition that is wreaking havoc on our local communities.

Just last year, I unseated a 33 year incumbent and know what it means to build a diverse coalition of voters to win a general election.  Beating a sitting Attorney General is not going to be an easy task, but I am confident that John's background and experience puts him in a unique position to defeat Mark Herring in 2017.  We need an Attorney General who will stand up for the rule of law, defend Virginia's Constitution, and not back down in the face of great adversity.  John Adams is that candidate, and I fully endorse his bid to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General."

I am truly humbled to have the support of two of Virginia's best Commonwealth's Attorneys.  They are young, principled, and proud Republicans who stand firm in their convictions.  They are on the front lines of fighting crime here in the Commonwealth, and their support is indicative of the growing coalition that we've been building all across Virginia.  I thank them for their support and look forward to doing all I can to earn yours.