The Importance of the Supreme Court

Friend --

The passing of Justice Scalia has brought into sharp relief the importance of the Supreme Court, and the President who gets to appoint Justices to it. While President Obama wants to appoint someone with less than a year left in his second term, Senator Schumer and Vice President Biden both previously spoke out against election year appointments.

I, too, believe something as important as the Supreme Court should wait until after the contested presidential election is over. President Obama's long history of executive overreach and unconstitutional actions on issues from immigration to the 2nd Amendment make it impossible for the Senate to consider approving any pick of his for the Supreme Court.

Someone who openly mocks The Separation of Powers through his "I have a pen, and I have a phone" campaign to ignore Congress simply cannot be rewarded with the nomination of another Supreme Court Justice who will play an enormous role in determining the future of the United States.

Like Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas for whom I clerked, I believe in interpreting the Constitution just as it was written. I believe our Constitution and Bill of Rights represent some of the greatest written works in the history of mankind. As such, they should not be interpreted as "living documents" adjusted for what's politically popular with the nine unelected lawyers who inhabit the Supreme Court at any given time. Instead, they should be interpreted exactly as they were written.

Just like you, I am fed up with liberal politicians in Washington and Richmond attacking our Constitution and depriving us of the ability to decide for ourselves how we will be governed because they think they "know better."

I am running for Attorney General because President Obama's ally, Mark Herring, has repeatedly and intentionally ignored, failed to enforce, or even affirmatively worked against our laws. He has a duty to uphold Virginia's Constitution and the civil liberties of all Virginians. Sadly, he has failed to meet that standard.

Please join me and together let's work to make sure a Republican wins the White House in 2016. Then in 2017 we can add another strict originalist to the Supreme Court Bench and defeat Mark Herring.

It's time to restore our Constitutional rights and return the government to the people. Virginia needs a new lawyer.

Best regards,

John Adams