Why I'm Running

I am not a politician. But like many of you, I am frustrated with our government and those who run it today.

The federal government has grown far beyond Constitutional bounds, and intrudes—improperly—into virtually every aspect of our lives. Congress and the President spend our money beyond any rational limits, crippling future generations and swelling an already bloated bureaucracy. This appears to be true whether Democrats or Republicans are in charge. This enormous government - and the weight of its regulations - crush small businesses, hinder the free market economy, and strain job creation.

At the same time, Virginia faces some serious issues that need a new lawyer to lead on. The heroin and opioid epidemic continues to rip apart families and communities across the country. Crime is increasing in our neighborhoods. Virginia needs an attorney general who will fight to make sure our children are safe at school and get drugs off the street. And, the social issues of our day no longer belong to the people and the ballot box. Instead, nine unelected lawyers of the Supreme Court decide them, usually on grounds you will not find written in our Constitution.

Real Conservative Values

Despite these immense challenges, not a single Republican holds statewide office in the Commonwealth. No statewide officer stands up for the values that made Virginia the cradle of our great Nation and make it a great place to work, live, and raise a family. Instead, we are governed by liberal Democrats who believe the answer to any problem is more government, more regulation, more intrusion into our personal lives, and more erosion of our individual rights. As the father of four young sons, I will not stand by while career politicians, social engineers, and progressive ideologues force their values on us and try to supplant our ideals and institutions with an oversized government they believe "knows better" than we do.

A Lifetime of Service

I have spent the majority of my life serving our country. In the U.S. Navy, I served in the Persian Gulf and Central America. As an attorney, I clerked at the Supreme Court for Clarence Thomas, worked as Associate White House Counsel under President Bush, and prosecuted criminals from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Richmond. Today, I help lead one of the largest private law firms in the country helping protect people and organizations from government overreach. Through these jobs, I have gained the experience necessary to represent the Commonwealth, defend our rights in court, preserve our safety, and protect my fellow Virginians' ability to govern themselves the way they see fit.

Help Make a Difference

I haven’t spent a life in politics. I've spent my life fighting for our country, in the Navy, as a prosecutor, and as a lawyer in private practice, protecting our families, businesses, and communities. In the coming months, as I travel to meet with Virginians in every corner of the Commonwealth, all I ask is that you give me a chance. I am convinced that Virginia needs a new lawyer. There is too much at stake. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.